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Statistics (Professor Gothard) -Palm Bay

This LibGuide assists with the research assignment for this class.

How to Find Your Survey

1)   Forget the Internet. Google, Yahoo! & Bing, etc., will not be helpful.

2)   Start with the library’s databases (use the banner link above or this link: databases): log in with your B-number and pin (birthday: MMDDYY). 


3)   Select a discipline or field:

Suggestions: Behavioral(Psychology)Social Sciences, Education, or Health & Medicine

4)   Select a database



     Behavioral (Psychology) Social Sciences -----> Social Science Full Text, PsyArticles

     Education   -----> ERIC


     Health & Medicine   -----> Medline, CINAHL


5)   When searching within a database, use the default setting and enter your field, discipline or subject, for example: nursing, health, high school…

 [in another search box, use variations of: survey*, question*, survey* OR question* --the asterisk is a wildcard to represent all continuations of the term.]

* Do not forget to only return results for the last two years.

* Please match the discipline with the database.




 6)  Your assignment requires the article come from a peer-reviewed journal, which is a higher standard journal. There is a database setting you select before the search that will give you this result. Not all databases offer this option, however. Another way to discover if a journal is a peer-reviewed journal is to visit the journal's official website on the Internet.

Note: MEDLINE is 99% peer-reviewed journals, so there's no limiter box.