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Computer Help - Palm Bay

If you need assistance with using computers, this guide will get you started.

EFSC Campus Computers

To log on to an EFSC campus computer, you must be currently enrolled and are taking classes. If not are not taking classes now, you must ask to be logged in as a visitor (at the library).

EFSC campus computers require your B-number and password.

Capital ‘B’, followed by the numbers.

The first time each semester, your login will be your birthday in the form of six numbers: month, day, and year. Example: January 1, 1989 would be: 010189

After you log in with your birthday, you will need to create a new password for the next time.

If you forget your password after that, you will need to call the HelpDesk to reset your password: 321-433-7600

How many EFSC Logins & Passwords???

Yes, as an EFSC student, you will need to remember quite a few logins.

The good thing is that some of the passwords can be the same.


EFSC campus computer login ---[B-number & password]

My EFSC ---[B-number & password]

Student eMail Server ---[Login Answers]

Library Database ---[B-number & 6-digit birthday]