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Evaluating - Citing - Plagiarism

When evaluating information, ask yourself
...who is the author/organization of the information? Are they experts? What are their credentials?
...what is the content? Is the information verified, supported by evidence, college-level?
...why is it being presented? Is the purpose to inform? sell? entertain? persuade? 
...when was it created? Do you need current information for your topic?  Is the information up-to-date?


The CRAAP Test is another model for evaluating.* See how the information you found holds up to the five points of this test. 
* modified from Evaluating Information -- Applying the CRAAP Test from California State University, Chico 
APA Style


1. Generally APA style is used for in health sciences. Double check with your instructor and/or assignment guidelines.
2. When conducting research, maintain a record of all your source's citation elements.
[author, title, publication information, etc.]
3. Next, compare your citation elements with an example and replicate the format exactly.
[element order, punctuation, capitalization, spacing, & font] 
Citation examples may be found online:
EFSC APA Citation Guide: 7th Edition
EFSC Writing Center
Valencia College APA Style Guide
Sample Professional Paper

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