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Health Sciences & Nursing RN @ Melbourne Campus

Evaluating - Citing

When evaluating information, ask yourself

...who is the author/organization of the information? Are they experts? What are their credentials?

...what is the content? Is the information verified, supported by evidence, college-level?

...why is it being presented? Is the purpose to inform? sell? entertain? persuade? 

...when was it created? Do you need current information for your topic?  Is the information up-to-date? 

"How to Evaluate Sources for Reliability" © Teaching Without Frills

APA Style

1. Double check with your instructor and/or assignment guidelines for required format style.

2. When conducting research, maintain a record of all your source's citation elements.

[author, title, publication information, etc.]

3. Next, compare your citation elements with an example and replicate the format exactly.

[element order, punctuation, capitalization, spacing, & font] 

Citation examples on this EFSC APA Citation Guide: 7th Edition


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