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Composition 1 - Cocoa - ENC 1101

Research guide for ENC 1101 - Composition 1. Access this guide directly at

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Search Tips

  •  Use AND to refine your search and narrow the number of results.  Example: alternative energy AND hydrogen

  • To search a phrase, enclose the term in quotation marks. Example: "alternative energy"

  • To find all possible word endings add an asterisk*  Example: infect* would find infects, infected, infection, infecting, etc.

  • Too many results? search the terms in the subject field, rather than all fields.

  • Still can't find what you need? Email Ask-A-Librarian.

Search Results

  • To request materials and fully access all electronic resources, sign in with your B Number (example: B00999999) and PIN, birth date MMDDYY (last two digits of birth date for YY). 

  • Select the "Everything" tab to search EFSC's complete collection of library materials, including physical books and journals, media, electronic resources, and articles.

  • Select "Library Catalog" to search for physical books and journals, selected electronic resources, media, and other material. This search does not include individual articles.

  • Select "Articles & More" to search for online articles and other electronic resources.

  • On the results list you can tell what type of item it is (e.g., book, eBook, DVD), by the icon underneath the title.

  • For print books and DVD's, look for the Call Number in between the availability and campus location information.

  • The "Filter Results By" feature allows you to narrow or revise your search using filters such as location, physical format, and publication date. 

Filter Search Results menu






  • Default Library Search is Keyword.  There is an Advanced Search option that lets you search by specific fields like Author, Title, or ISBN Number, and you can choose a specific Format or Publication Date.

  • Default Library location is Eastern Florida State College. You can change this to the campus that you use the most - ex. Cocoa Campus.

  • Tips if you get no results in a Library Search:  

    • think of other words (synonyms) for your topic

    • type in just one or two words for keywords, not an entire phrase or sentence

The EFSC Libraries use the Library of Congress Classification System to arrange print books and videos on the shelves.  LC Call numbers begin with a letter of the alphabet or a combination of two letters.  Library of Congress Classification - abbreviated version.

Student holding books

Cocoa Library Locations:

1st Floor

  • [Ref] Reference Books

  • [CLC] Childrens

  • [ESL] Easy Reading

  • [McN] Popular Reading - Fiction & Nonfiction

  • Periodicals and Newpapers

  • Videos/DVDs, CDs (Audio Visual)

​2nd Floor

  • Circulation Books A-Z (books that check out) 

eBook Collections

When you find eBooks with Mango Everything Basic Search you are searching the indexing of eBook titles, selected keywords, and tables of contents

If you want to search cover to cover through every word on every page in every eBook, you need to log into a specific eBook collection through the library databases.

The most popular eBook collections are:

Log in with your Titan User Name and Password.

 Other EFSC collections include:

Log in with your Titan User Name and Password.

Request & Renew Materials

Placing a hold on an item allows students to request available materials held at other EFSC campuses. If the item is currently checked out, the request will put a hold on the title and the user will be contacted when the material is available.

Have you found a good book or article but EFSC does not own? Use Interlibrary Loan to request books or articles from other libraries.

Log in to MyAccount to renew materials online. Use your B number as your Borrower ID and your birthdate (MMDDYY) as your PIN.