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BILT: Basic Information Literacy Tutorial

Develop skills necessary to effectively find, retrieve and evaluate information.

Student Introduction

BILT: Basic Information Literacy Tutorial
Introduction for Students

What is BILT?
BILT is the Basic Information Literacy Tutorial designed by the EFSC Libraries to help students learn how to effectively find, retrieve and evaluate information. BILT is a set of 8 web based modules designed to be self-paced. These modules will help familiarize you with the research process and introduce you to some of the online resources available at EFSC. After completing the BILT modules, you will have the skills necessary to find quality resources for your research paper or speech.

BILT includes information on

  • the process of choosing a topic
  • the different types of information resources
  • how to identify types of resources appropriate for your topic
  • the development of a research strategy
  • the types of online resources
  • the various ways to search online resources
  • how to select the appropriate online resource to search
  • how to find information using specific EFSC online resources
  • how to evaluate information found
  • how to cite information for a works cited page
  • the EFSC Libraries and services offered

Who should use BILT?
BILT is designed for students new to EFSC or for anyone unfamiliar with the research process in today's fast paced online environment.

How to use BILT?
You may work through all of the 8 BILT modules or you may focus on a single module or modules. You do not need to complete BILT all at once. 

BILT can be used in several ways:

  • you may use the modules for a course assignment or for your own information needs to learn more about the research process. 
  • your instructor may assign some or all of BILT as part of course work.
  • you may use the modules to review concepts already learned, such as how to cite sources or how evaluate web pages.

How long will BILT take to complete?
The time you take to complete BILT depends upon many variables, such as your familiarity with computers, how fast you read and comprehend, and whether you are working through all modules or just a few.  Some modules are longer than others and may cover concepts that you are not yet familiar with and thus will take more time to complete.

Why use BILT?
Using BILT will provide you with the necessary skills to be successful in today's information society. You will use the skills learned through BILT in your course work here at EFSC and also in your work and personal life. Information literacy skills will allow you to become an effective and efficient consumer of information.

Is help available?
You may get help with BILT by contacting your campus Reference Services or by emailing Ask-A-Librarian.