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Technical Writing - ENC 3241

A composition course focusing on writing for science, technology and healthcare.

    Topic Ideas

Topic Suggestions

Selected resources for choosing a research topic:    

Selected library databases to search for topic suggestions.  If not logged in through MyEFSC, you must log in to databases with your EFSC username & password (the one you use to log in to Canvas). 

How do I look for information?

Before you start searching for resources, it is helpful to perform steps like the ones shown here:

You have decided on a topic you want to research: Eating and teenagers

Now, create a Research Question about that topic: What is the relationship between teenage eating habits and health problems?  

Step 1: Break this research question into its main concepts:
eating habits
health problems

Step 2: Brainstorm keywords for each of these three main concepts:
Try thinking of synonyms and related terms. A thesaurus may be helpful. 

teenage eating habits health problems
eating habits
food habits
nutritional habits
health problems
well being

Step 3: Choose where to search first - inside the Library Catalog interface?  Or inside a database?

Step 4:  Combine your terms in various combinations in the search boxes.    What kinds of results do you get?  Can you find one or more that connect to your research question and how you want to write about it?

Step 5:  Keep searching, using different combinations of your keywords, synonyms, and related-words, to find more resources to use in your writing.

Where do I look?

Reference Materials give you a general overview of a subject.

Helpful Tip:
For Reference eBooks try Virtual Reference Library (Gale eBooks).

Books give a broad, thorough treatment of a subject.

Helpful Tip:
To find books use the Library Search or eBook Collection (EBSCO).

Periodicals provide information that is focused, usually from a contemporary point of view.

Helpful Tips:

Web Pages can include all information types. Since web publication is fast, use it for very current information.

Helpful Tips:

Media Resources provide visual and auditory details which can not be captured in written text.

Helpful Tips: