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College-wide APA Citation Guide: 7th Edition


APA Style

1. Double check with your instructor and/or assignment guidelines for required format style.

2. When conducting research, maintain a record of all your source's citation elements.

[author, title, publication information, etc.]

3. Next, compare your citation elements with an example and replicate the format exactly.

[element order, punctuation, capitalization, spacing, & font] 

Citation examples on this EFSC APA Citation Guide: 7th Edition

Sample APA Papers

Sample Papers

Professional Paper - pp. 50 - 60

Student Paper - pp. 61 -67

Check with your instructor to determine which paper format (professional or student) is require. 

APA Style and Grammar Guidelines

APA Style and Grammar Guidelines

Paper Format (Font, Headings, Line Spacing, Margins, Title Page Setup…)

In-Text Citations Basics of Citation, Paraphrasing, Plagiarism, Quotations, Secondary Sources…)

Mechanics of Style  (Capitalization, Italics and Quotation Marks, Punctuation…)

Bias-Free Language (Age, Disability, Gender, Reducing Bias, Identity, Orientation…)

References  (Basic Reference List, Elements of Reference List Entries, Reference Examples…)

Grammar (Active and Passive Voice, First Person Pronouns, Verb Tense…)


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"College-wide APA Citation Guide: 7th Edition" by Marian Smith. CC by 4.0.