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College-wide APA Citation Guide: 7th Edition

Citing Articles

10.1 Periodicals

Citation parts: Author - Date - Title of Article - Periodical Information (Title of periodical, volume, issue, pages) - DOI/URL

Note on articles with multiple authors

For a works with up to 20 authors, include all of the names in the reference. When the work has 21 or more authors, include only the first 19 names, an ellipsis and then the final author. 


1. Journal Article with DOI or URL (database permalink) 

Journal Article with DOI 

Chan, P., & Scotty, M. (2017). Redundancy in brain patterns and nodes. Brain Talk, 19(3), 45-49.

Parenthetical citation: (Chan & Scotty, 2017, p. 47).

Narrative citation: Chan and Scotty (2017)...(p. 47).

Journal Article with URL (database permalink) 

Levitan, J. (2017). Social media as a predictor of personality. International Journal of Health, Wellness &

Society, 7(3), 77-89.


Parenthetical citation: (Levitan, 2017, pp. 81-83).

Narrative citation: Levitan (2017)...(pp. 81-83).


2. Journal Article with a URL (Website)

Montgomery, S., Shay, H., & Charles, P. (2016). Time shift on the mind in space travel. Journal of

         Space and Time, 12(10), 13-27.

Parenthetical citation: (Montgomery et al., 2016, p. 23).

Narrative citation: Montgomery et al. (2016)...(p. 23).


3. Journal, magazine, or newspaper article without DOI (database or print)

Journal article

Thompson, M.R., & Beamus, H. (2017). The last women’s college. Colleges Today25(13). 57-72.

Parenthetical citation: (Thompson & Beamus, 2017, pp. 63-64).

Narrative citation: Thompson and Beamus (2017)...(pp. 63-64).


Magazine article

Kline, J. T., & McCoy, L. (2017, May). Searching for animal emotions. Nature, 45(24), 21-25.

Parenthetical citation: (Kline & McCoy, 2017, p. 24).

Narrative citation: Kline and McCoy (2017)...(p. 24).


Newspaper article

McCoy, L. (2016, August 10). Doctors for doctors. Health Daily News.

Parenthetical citation: (McCoy, 2016, p. A6).

Narrative citation: McCoy (2016)...(p. A6).


15. Magazine article

Simpson, H., & Scott, M. (2017, March). Operating a ZR-200. Cameras,


Parenthetical citation:(Simpson & Scott, 2017).

Narrative citation: Simpson and Scott (2017).


16. Newspaper article

Duffy, M. (2020, February 12). Celebrate the roots of the Tampa Museum of Art. Tampa Bay Times, B7.

Parenthetical citation: (Duffy, 2020, p. B7).

Narrative citation: Duffy (2020)...(p. B7).

Tierney, L. (2020, February 12). Mapping the spread of the new coronavirus. The Washington 



Parenthetical citation: (Tierney, 2020).

Narrative citation: Tierney (2020).


17. Blog Post

Nelson, Bryan. (2020, February 12). A spider's web is part of its mind, new research suggests. Mother

Nature Network.


Parenthetical citation: (Nelson, 2020, paras. 8-10).

Narrative citation: Nelson (2020)...(paras. 8-10).