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College-wide APA Citation Guide: 7th Edition

Citing Visual Works

10.14 Visual Works

Citation parts: Author, Date, Title, Publisher, URL 


97. Artwork in a museum or museum website

Carroll, M. (1967). Moonlit bay [Painting]. National Museum of African American History and Culture,

Washington, D.C., United States.

Parenthetical citation: (Carroll, 1967).

Narrative Citation: Carroll (1967).


99. Infographic

NOAA. (2019). Sunscreen chemicals and marine life [Infographic]. National Ocean Service.

Parenthetical citation: (NOAA, 2019).

Narrative citation: NOAA (2019).


101. Photograph

Malone, A. (2007). Fjord [Photograph]. Flikr.

Parenthetical citation: (Malone, 2007).

Narrative citation: Malone (2007).