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College-wide APA Citation Guide: 7th Edition

Citing Audiovisual Works

10.12 Audiovisual Works

Citation parts: Author - Date - Title - Publisher - URL


84. Film or Video

Armstrong, D. (Director). (2016). The black death: The world's most devastating plague.

[Educational DVD]. The Teaching Company. 

Parenthetical citation: (Armstrong, 2016, 62:07).

Narrative citation: Armstrong (2016)...(62:07).


88.TED Talks

Barreau, P. (2018, April). Could AI compose a personalized soundtrack to your life? [Video]. TED



Parenthetical citation: (Barreau, 2018, 0:37-1:25).

Narrative citation: Barreau (2018)...(0:37-1:25).


90. YouTube 

Great Barrier Reef Marine Park. (2020, April 22). Reef snapshot: Summer 2019-20 [Video].

Parenthetical citation: (Great Barrier Reef Marine Park, 2020, 0:16-0:26).

Narrative citation: Great Barrier Reef Marine Park (2020)...0:16-0:26).