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Questions to Ask: Company Research

What is the official name of the company? Are there possible variations in the name? Do you have the correct spelling? Many companies are known by a popular name or a trade name which is different from their official name. Most resources will list companies only by their official name. Be aware of companies which are named after an individual. First names (e.g. Walt Disney Company) or initials may be part of the official name. Furthermore, a resource may either include or ignore first names and initials when entering and alphabetizing, and some resources are inconsistent. 
Is it a publicly-held or privately-held company? A publicly-held company is one that openly sells stock to the public on a stock exchange. Those who purchase the stock have an ownership interest in the company. Because of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission regulations, a wealth of information is available for public companies. This same level of information does not exist for private companies. Many resources will only include public companies.
Is it a subsidiary? A subsidiary is a company controlled by another company who holds more than 50 percent of voting stock. The controlling company is usually referred to as the parent company. If so, what is the name of the parent company? In some cases, published information may be available only on the parent company.
Would a company want its competitors to know this information? Some companies may block information to prevent competitors from proprietary information or trade secrets.
Have there been recent events involving the company that have been covered in broadcasts, newspaper, or magazine articles? If so, be sure to check business news sources. You may also find background information on the company.

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