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Internet Research Guide

Learn to get better results with your searches

The Open Internet

The main issue with open-internet content is the credibility factor: Who's behind the content?

As a student, you need to find content for your project(s). So, like we all do every day, you head for the open Internet and your favorite search engine:

Google, Yahoo, Bing… 

But there is a big problem: 

The search engines (the companies) are in the business of selling advertisement and the content you get has no quality assurance whatsoever...

Due to this big problem, you waste a lot of time and you seldom get what you need. 

This LibGuide is designed to help you with researching on the open Internet.

Domains: .edu .gov .org

Domains are the letters that come after the name of a URL.

For example,

The ‘edu’ is the domain.

Not all domains are the same.

For academic research, you need to stick to:

.edu (schools and educational institutions)

.gov (U.S. government agencies)

.org (official organizations, but not always)