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Epidemiology HSC4500

A research guide to find epidemiology resources from the EFSC Libraries.

Information Flowchart

Below is a flowchart giving an overview of the search process. One path begins with the EFSC Library web page and leads to the online catalog for books and subscription based databases. The other path begins with an Internet search engine to search the free resources on the Web.  No matter which path you choose to search, you will need to evaluate all sources you find for accuracy, currency, and authority.

Information Flowchart: Places to Go: Library Web Page versus Internet, Tools to Use, What to Get, and What to Do: Evaluate

Step 4: Where to look?

Reference Books: give you a general overview of a subject. 

Books give a broad, thorough treatment of a subject.

Periodical Articles provide information that is focused, usually from a contemporary point of view. Usually the most current source of scholarly medical information.

Web Pages can include all information types. Since web publication is fast, use it for very current information. 

Media Resources provide visual and auditory details which can not be captured in written text.